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tv   Ten O Clock News  FOX  January 13, 2013 10:00pm-10:45pm PST

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tonight, niner fever is heating up as the team moves heating up as the team moves one step closer to
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the bay area braces for yet another night of bone chilling temperature, we're with people as they prepare for temperatures to plunge once again. good evening everyone i'm heather holmes. >> and i'm ken wayne. we'll get to the cold snap in a moment. but first, breaking news from
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oak -- oakland, several people were shot outside of the a home. deborah villalon is joining us. >> reporter: just minutes ago this was a birthday party which ended with five people shot. now our camera was here as those victims were taken away by paramedics. we're told their wounds are not life threatening. they are hospitalized in stable condition and being interviewed by detectives right now. all five victims are men. they were among a group of 20 or so at this birthday party off seminaries just off foothill when someone opened fire on them when they were outside the house. they braced for cover. they ran across the street and the people opened the door for them but that place was hit by bullets. police don't know if the gunman was on car or foot, or he was
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at the party or he crashed hit, they survived a volley of gunfire here in oakland, deborah villalon. now to the bitter cold weather gripping the bay area tonight is expected to be the coldest night this winter. before the sun comes up some area locations will feel temperatures in the teens. we have live team coverage of this cold snap. mark tamayo will tell us where the coldest places will be. but we begin with jade hernandez, she is live in a very chilly walnut creek, jade. >> reporter: it was 23 degrees last night, it's expected to be colder tonight. this sign says 33 degrees. so whether you went out and bought a space heater or maybe just a log to throw in the fire, there was at least one
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store that was extremely busy today. sand covered the grounds outside of the store because people were slipping on the sidewalk. >> the cloud cover is all perfect right now for the frost. >> reporter: store manager amy brown barely turned the corner to show us the other hot spot. >> the space heaters are going fast. other customers fell short of supplies this evening. >> i actually have a fire going at home and i was running out of wood so it was a last minute run. >> reporter: mike shiney inspected this pipe. when temperatures dropped, calls start coming into his business.
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>> after two or three days you start to see a lot of the freezing pipes get to a point where they keep freezing further and further. >> reporter: and burst. this will keep the builder's main water flow flowing. >> this right here is a back flow cover. freeze protection cover. >> reporter: under the clear skies tonight there's some plants and trees which will need extra protection. at orchard supply hardware they cover the citrus every night. watering the soil before covering will also ensure roots won't freeze. reporting live in a chilly walnut creek tonight. jade hernandez, ktvu news. now here is a picture of the top of a very frosty care this morning in gilroy. ktvu viewer kenneth mccarthy sent us this picture. and here's another photo from kevin. this time an extreme close up of the frost which if you take a look almost looks like white
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blades of grass. temperatures dropped to 27 degrees in gilroy this morning. we want to show you a live picture of the bay bridge this night. a frost advisory will go into effect at two clock this morning in san francisco and a freeze warning is set to kick in at the same time for most of the bay area. we want to check in now with mark tamayo who's keeping a close eye on the cold temperatures. there's no cloud cover tonight, that's the problem. >> no cloud cover. right now we're talking about frost advisories and freeze warnings for the fourth night in a row. that frost advisory in place for san francisco set to begin at 2:00 tomorrow morning to reflect temperatures in the mid- 30s. for a good portion of the bay area we have freeze warnings. look at that temperature range, 18. 18 to 30 degrees first thing tomorrow morning. you can see for all the areas shaded in purple. here is a look at some of the current numbers for the 10:00 hour. san francisco in the mid-40s. oakland at 43 degrees. walnut creek 30 degrees right
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now. santa rosa 34. we have a bunch of other temperature sensors that deployed across the region and very cold numbers currently 31 degrees. petaluma in the current 30s. pleasanton 34 and in the south bay for san jose, san jose state currently 32. some lower 30s out toward morgan hill and gilroy. coming up we'll take a look at the lows in your neighborhood and when this cold weather snap could be coming to an end. in the central valley, farmers are making sure that their crops won't freeze. wind machines, generators and other machines have worked so
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far, but one farmer says that he's dodged the bullet but if the temperatures drop below 30 degrees that could be enough to affect his crop. a teenager from american canyon was killed this morning and three other teens were seriously injured in napa county. the car rolled over on wild horse valley road near napa just after 1:30 p.m. the force of the crash split the car in two. tucker welling was identified as the teenager who died. a second teenager was flown to the hospital in critical condition. speed is believed to be factor. in san jose the santa clara corner identified two 19-year- olds killed in a car accident. louis carlos florez and joseph
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frion died when their cobalt hit an enbankment. an initial investigation reports alcohol may have played a role in the crash. >> firefighters received the first call at 3:20 this afternoon. crews say the fire spread quickly across the wood shaked roof. the cae isunder investigation but firefighters were told that a fire was burning in the fireplace. and they say that it appears the fire started on the roof. fortunately there were no injuries. we are now just days away from an announcement from the white house on plans to try to curb gun violence after the tragedy in newtown connecticut. the heated debate brought out big crowds. ktvu's allie rasmus has more on why it wasn't just guns that
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people were stocking up on. >> reporter: jeremiah stevens brought his ar15 to stock up on. >> are they short on ammo. >> oh, yeah. >> reporter: ammo was a popular item. the california assembly member proposed a bullet control bill that would introduce new rules to the sale of am -- ammunition. people at the show said that made this gun show more popular. at 7:00 this morning, hundreds had already lined up to get in for the event's second day. >> this is why the gun show is so big. it's because of more loss and more loss. >> reporter: the task force on gun violence is supposed to issue their findings on tuesday. >> do you think it's okay to
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add more, to include this. >> reporter: i do think it's okay, yes. absolutely. >> reporter: other gun owners were uncomfortable of any new regulations. >> i think they should focus more on trying to get the illegal guns off the street. >> reporter: the nra did some recruiting at this gun show offering a free ticket to anyone who signed up for their $35 a year membership. as one volunteer told me quote, the more members we have, the more the politics will have to listen to us. >> unfortunately a lot of times when you have a tragedy like that you have an emotional reactionary response. >> reporter: a father against gun control spoke out at dualing protests outside a gun show. some residents there asked for the event to be shut down after the shootings at sandy hook elementary school. the city did hold the gun show
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and several hundred people attended. marin county will spend $20,000 on its first ever no question asked gun buy back event. they will pay cash for up to three weapons and then hand out vouchers after that. the guns can be brought to police stations in novato, san rafael, larkspur. the head of the rifle association bet that the bill is going to fail. >> i would bet that the likelihood is that they are not going to be able to get an assault weapons ban through this congress. >> reporter: schumer called on
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wal-mart and others to suspend selling rifles. back in action and back on the ice, sharks fans fill the stands now that the nhl lock out has ended. but they'll still have to wait to catch a game. >> these are few and far between. the jersey, the player and the signature move that has the bay area buzzing. >> as strong support, the political heavyweight backing secretary of defense hagel just days before his nomination hearing.
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now to our continuing coverage of the san francisco 49ers and there is no cooling off the team or its fans after last night's big win. the niners are just one win away from a spot in the super bowl. here's a look right now at san francisco city hall. it is lit up in team covers and the red and gold glow will last as long as the team's postseason runs. and deborah villalon has more on how kaepernicking goes. >> reporter: this family shows up the signature move the kiss to the bicept calling
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kaepernick's move after a touchdown. just after tebowing. but tebow faded and kaeprnick is on fire. anyone hoping to buy a number seven jersey may find that number is up. this sports store is sold out of all things kaepernick. a stadium worker says. >> different sports stores around the city are they are out. i'll be going to the next one to see if they have one there. >> i'm happy, i'm excited to see the organization where they are. >> where they are is where they were at a year ago with smith quarterbacking. but smith jerseys are stacking up on the rack, sad to say. this year fans dressed red to gold. >> kap is young, he is quick. he does stuff that smith never did. there's a huge difference.
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and you see it with all the players on the field, it's awesome. >> she has the smooch down too. >> reporter: people kaeprenicking is taking off. as the 49ers head next to atlanta, collin keeps running all over opponents. >> he do it like he's kissing his arm but just put it out there like that. as long as he's doing it he keeps going and they keep winning. deborah villalon, ktvu news. kaepnicking continues. well dozens of people consider can kicked out. 92 people were ejected from the stadium for inappropriate behavior. 62 were taken to the medical
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clinic. authorities didn't release any details on those fans. 25 people were arrested for public intoxication. two were arrested on suspicion of dui following the game and another two were air -- arrested on suspicion of auto burglary. coming up a little later in sports wrap our joe fonzi breaks down tonight's wild falcons-seahawks game. for more on the 49ers super bowl quest be sure to go and click on the nfl play off. there you will find a slide show from yesterday's great game against the packers plus more on the kaepernicking craze. and it's finally hockey season again. >> reporter: if we only gave you a close up view of the crowd. you could mistake this for game time enthusiasm. >> i'm happy the guys are back on the ice. >> reporter: but this is
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practice, even still the cheers were loud as the sharks took to the ice. cheers from fans. >> we've all been waiting for this day. we thought it was going to happen, it didn't. we're glad it finally happened and we're getting ready for the season. >> reporter: fans such as 8- year-old ryan goodhart can dream about how it ends. >> i think we're going to be probably better than last year maybe. >> yeah. >> they might even win the stanley cup or something. >> the opportunity for the sharks to practice is short. their first game is on the road
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next saturday. ken pritchett. for details on the shark's shortened season. the team is scheduled to hit the ice again a week from today sunday january 20th. they'll be playing the flames in calgary. a marin county man is under arrest after police say he was sexually -- police say rather he sexually assaulted and robbed a woman as she entered her san francisco home. jovan jones demanded money as well as belongings from the victim before assaulting her. he was booked into san francisco jail on 13 felony charges that includes rape, burglary, robbery, aggravated assault and false imprisonment. a 70-year-old el dorado county woman is behind bars accused of killing her husband. it's an accusation that she
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faced more than 25 years ago in the death of her first husband. he was found in the couple's home with a gunshot wound. back in 1985, harris was accused of killing her first husband. she claimed she shot him in self-defense. secretary of defense nominee hagel received strong support for his nomination from former secretary of state collin powell. >> he is superbly qualified. i think he will do a great job as secretary of defense. >> hagel can still expect a drilling from lawmakers. fellow republican senator john mccain said that hagel stand against the surge in iraq was wrong. the community of newtown connecticut is trying to decide what to do with the scene of
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that devastating shooting massacre. for now students from sandy hook elementary school are going to a different school. some want sandy hook demolished and a memorial built on the property to honor the students and teachers killed. but others want schools reopened. >> my best memories were at sandy hook. i think children in the future expect to experience the same beautiful memories i did. >> i don't want to see the land and the building stay empty and broken. i want to do something with it. >> tomorrow newtown will hold a town hall meeting about how to prevent gun violence. >> software entrepreneur john mcafee who was the focus of a man hunt has apparently found a new home in portland oregon. mcafee told a local paper he is working on a graphic novel about his life. he plans to talk about the curse of money and living with four or five women is better
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than living with one. the guru fled belize to guatemala. authorities said mcafee was a person of interest but was never charged. the 49er-falcons game is next sunday. what the disgraced cyclist lance armstrong said today about the upcoming sit down with oprah winfrey. it is being called unprecedented. the warnings going out to millions of people about the air they breathe. >> and once again i'm working on another very cold forecast. coming up the two cities that have actually been warming up this evening. the neighborhoods that are will be in the teens first thing tomorrow morning and when warmer temperatures resurface in the seven day forecast.
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reporters from around the world are camped out at the austin home of lance armstrong.
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armstrong told the associated press today that he's quote ready to speak candidly. the disgraced cyclist is expected to sit down with oprah winfrey tomorrow for a no holds bar interview. armstrong has spent years denying it but it's widely believed he will confess to taking performance enhancing drugs. a court granted mubarack a new trial in connection with the killings of hundreds of protesters during the 2011 uprising. it is a victory for the ailing mubarack. both men were convicted of not helping the protesters. in india six men are under arrest for raping a woman after a bus ride in the northern state of munjad. now witnesses say the bus
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driver refused to stop and drove her to a building where he and six others raped the woman. and in beijing the government is now warning people to avoid outdoor activities as this take a look, a thick layer of smog hangs over the city. the u.s. embassy in beijing recorded fine particulate matter yesterday. now keep in mind, 300 to 500 is considered hazardous. one chinese academic said the situation is unprecedented. the heavy layer is not expected to lift until tuesday. today survivors and victims of loved ones, loved ones victim's other had a moment of silence. 32 people died in the wreck off
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gilio island. an indictment is expected soon against the captain who is under house arrest. he is accused of multiple counts of manslaughter and leaving the ship before all the passengers evacuated. there is word that former president george h.w bush may soon be leaving the hospital. a spokesman said there is a possibility that the former president will be discharged from a houston hospital later this week. bush was hospitalized back in november. first battling bronchitis and then treated for a persistent fever. the 88-year-old suffers from a disease which causes a loss of balance and has used a wheelchair for a year. actors held a dress rehearsal today in the streets of washington, d.c. after the rehearsal parade marched down pennsylvania avenue, the political stand ins took to for a mock stand in. there were plenty other stand
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ins playing the rolls of dignitaries and pop star performers. it is expected to be 42 degrees and sunny. tori campbell and ken pritchett will be reporting live from washington, d.c. they will continue with the festivities on monday 21st. these protesters mark what they call as a dark anniversary with the march across the golden gate bridge. >> what scientists are saying tonight about spanking children and the odds of aggressive behavior later. welcome se my lcret
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u-verse high speed internet. you know, in my day you couldn't just start streaming six ways to sunday. you'd get knocked off. and sometimes, it took a minute to download a song. that's sixty seconds, for crying out loud. we know how long a minute is! sitting, waiting for an album to download. i still have back problems. you're only 14 and a half. he doesn't have back problems. you kids have got it too good if you ask me. [ male announcer ] now u-verse high speed internet has more speed options, reliability and ways to connect. rethink possible. demonstrators today demonstrated against the camp in guantanamo bay. some were dressed in orange jump suits and black hoods as
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they marched on the golden gate bridge. today's protest was part on an ongoing demonstration. the protesters plan to continue until the camp is closed. >> today we're aware of 265 prisoners four years after obama got elected when he promised to close guantanamo after a year. >> reporter: protesters also nameed the names of the prisoners they say they want to remain people that the detainees need to be released or charged and put on trial. the family of aaron schwartz who relatives say committed suicide yesterday say the government is partly to blame for his death. schwartz came up with the computer code https when he was just 17. schwartz family say it is u.s. attorney in massachusetts and mit pursued exemptionally harsh charges that could have sent
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him to prison for 30 years which the family claims contributed to his suicide. mit announced today he is probing an internal launch into their role in schwartz death. thousands of supporters have taken to the social networking site to provide links to academic papers regardless of whether they have permission. the protests is meant to be a virtual representation of schwartz beliefs and the availability and access of all information. a recent study draws a connection between spanking young children and their aggressive a few years laterment researchers from the university of wisconsin found spanking kids under the age of one led to aggressive behavior by age three. and depression and anxiety by age 5. the studies author says this is the first time there's been evidence found on all of
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those behaviers. research found most parents think kids still need a spanking at least once in a while. a hazardous material crew briefly shut down part of a san jose hotel after guests complained of a chemical odor. 15 guests were sickened with throat and eye irritation. no one was hospitalized and there's still no word on what chemical was leaking there. a mobile home in mountain view went up in flames early this morning here's a picture. the fire department sent us this picture of firefighters putting out that blaze. no one was injured, crews managed to put out the fire quickly but the mobile home was a total loss. japan airline confirmed today one of its boeing 787 fuel liner had a fuel leak. the plane was on the tarmac last tuesday when the pilot of another plane noticed the leak
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fuel. the liquid was leaking from a nozzle on the wing. prompting the faa last week to launch a safety review of that aircraft. one of the runways at san francisco airport is closed and it's causing some delays this weekend. runway 208 was shut down for work. including improvements to lightening. flights are arriving about 30 to 60 minutes later. and it's the first of three weekend closures this month. the runway is expected though to reopen tomorrow at 8:00 a.m. after some relief at the gas pump, prices are starting to inch up again. the lundberg survey showing they are $3.32. aaa reports that a gallon in san francisco cost $3.67.
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in oakland it's $3.58. it was a night of greater -- of glitz, glamour and a big surprise. temperatures are getting pretty darn cold tomorrow. mark tamayo is coming up next with which cities are expected to dip below freezing today.
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for the fourth night in row we're talking about freeze warnings and cold temps in the area. here you can pick out another view we don't look at too often. this is out in alaska. look at the temperatures out near anchorage. some parts in the bay area
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already cooler than these locations. we'll take a look first at winds. you will look out toward napa, a bit of a breeze and that's had an impact on temperatures. some places have been warming up over the last couple of hours. that wind having an impact on the temperatures but here's a look at some of those cold numbers, walnut creek right now 29 degrees, concord 32. liver mother 44 degrees. san francisco in the mid-40s and san jose in the upper 30s at 38 degrees. so here is the forecast for your monday. once again that freeze warning kicks in first thing early tomorrow morning and a few hours at 2:00. overnight lows ranging from 18 to 36 degrees. and in a few neighborhoods this could be the coldest morning of the season. here is the expanded view of the forecast lows for tomorrow morning. santa rosa 22 degrees. i had bumped up the numbers at napa just because of the winds
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picking up. oakland right about 31 degrees. walnut creek 33 to start out the morning. san jose 27, fremont 29 and san francisco that frost advisory in the city in the mid-30s. so here's the over all weather pattern. high pressure keeping us dry. that cold air continues to spill into northern california and the bay area. this has been a sequence of some very cold mornings. once again tomorrow morning very cold. now lasting till tuesday morning with areas of frost. beyond a tuesday we begin to warm up those numbers. temperatures we'll show you the numbers on the contour. temperatures warming back into the upper 40s and lower 50s for afternoon highs. so a nice recovery but just really want to bundle up stepping out the door. san francisco 51. san jose 52 and half-moon bay 51-degree.
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here is a look ahead at your five day forecast. we begin to bump up those numbers with the overnight lows for tuesday morning. you'll probably have to wait until wednesday for your weekend always in view. looks like a nice forecast. rain free, we can definitely use the rainfall but it's not showing up. partly sunny skies with a sun/cloud mix. not too many times have i been talked about winds up toward 23 so that affects the forecast. >> walnut creek and fair banks alaska have the same exact temperature. >> isn't that amazing. >> yeah. >> it has been very cold and there is some relief in the next few days. >> we'll look forward to that. thanks mark. >> thanks mark. beautiful women, handsome men and women shined tonight. the movie ended when argo won best drama of the year.
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>> i want to thank all the thousands of people that work in our diplomatic services that are putting their lives on the line every day of the week. >> les mise won best musical. best actor for a drama went to daniel day lewis for lincoln. it was former president bill clinton who made a surprise appearance to introduce that film. >> a lot of good movies out this year. the nfl play offs are down to just 14. we'll show you how the final two got in. the warriors they try to derail the nuggets as denver goes for their fifth straight win. sports wrap with joe fonzi is up next. welcome se my lcret
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